Professor Marek Lubusky, MD, PhD, MHAProfessor Marek Lubusky, MD, PhD, MHA

Bydžovská I., Gavendová H., Krofta L., Ľubušký M. Histopatologické vyšetření placenty u plodů s růstovou restrikcí. Postgrad. Med. 2016, 18 (4), s. 339-344. (Histopathological examination of the placenta in fetuses with growth restriction)

Fetal growth restriction – FGR is contributing significantly to fetal mortality and morbidity. The most common cause is placental dysfunction. Histological evaluation of placental lesions evolved from pure descriptions of findings to new comprehenshive and widely accepted classification system – Amsterdam Placental Workshop Group Criteria, which simplifies studying the pathogenesis and diagnosis for many obstetric disorders, FGR included . This article summarizes present knowledge of histopatological placental findings in fetal growth restriction and its two different subtypes: early- and late-onset FGR. Although not many studies focused on these two subtypes from a histopathological point of view yet, the available ones showed different findings, supporting the hypothesis of probable different pathophysiology of both units and overcoming the presumption that late-onset FGR infants and „constitutionally“ small infants (Small for their gestational age – SGA) is a benign condition.

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Professor Marek Lubusky, MD, PhD, MHA

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