Professor Marek Lubusky, MD, PhD, MHAProfessor Marek Lubusky, MD, PhD, MHA

Míčková I., Pilka R., Ľubušký M., Kudela M. Molecular prognostic factors and pathogenesis of endometrial cancer. Čes. Gynek., 2006, 71 (4), s. 355-360.


Objective: To evaluate the importance of molecular markers for prognosis and pathogenesis of endometrial carcinoma.

Design: Areview article.

Setting: Department of Medical Genetics and Fetal Medicine, University Hospital, Olomouc, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University Hospital, Olomouc.

Methods: This article reviews the current knowledge of the molecular changes in the development of endometrial cancer, and their possible importance for the patient’s prognosis.

Conclusion: The new molecular biomarkers are apparently going to play asignificant role in the management of endometrial carcinoma treatment in the near future.

Key words: carcinoma, endometrium, marker, prognosis

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