Professor Marek Lubusky, MD, PhD, MHAProfessor Marek Lubusky, MD, PhD, MHA

Ľubušký M., Kudela M., Ľubušký D., Machač Š., Procházka M., Míčková I. The Effectiveness and Complications of Ovarian Trasnposition in Young Women with Cervical Cancer. Čes. Gynek., 2004, 69 (4), s. 283-286.


Objective: To discuss the indications, effectiveness, and complications of ovarian transposition before pelvic irradiation for cervical cancer.

Design: A review article.

Setting: Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University Hospital, Olomouc.

Subject and Method: A review from literature and bibliographic databases.

Conclusion: Ovarian transposition gives an option for preserving ovarian function in patients treated by radiosurgical combination. In young women preservation of ovarian function by means of ovarian transposition brings them some positive benefits compared to conventional HRT. The main risk of ovarian transposition - a possibility of ovarian or distant metastasis - increases particularly depending on clinical stage and histopathological type of the tumor. However the risk of ovarian metastasis is very low for patients with squamosus cell carcinoma of the cervix in stages IA - B.

Key words: cervical cancer, ovarian transposition, function preservation, ovarian metastasis, postoperative radiotherapy

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